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The availability of synthetic drugs is expanding rapidly and people are looking for new k2 sprays that will get them high. In 2012, 51 new synthetic cannabinoids were identified, compared to just two in 2009. In addition, 31 new synthetic cathinones were identified in 2012, compared to only four in 2009. Lastly, 76 other synthetic compounds were identified in 2012, bringing the total number of new synthetic substances identified in 2012 to 158.

People might try out K2/Spice because they want to experience effects that are similar to what they would get from using natural marijuana. These could include feeling more relaxed, being in a better mood, and altered perception.

Some physical and behavioral signs may indicate a K2/Spice addiction. Some of these signs are quite noticeable while others may be attributed to something else. If you suspect K2/Spice addiction, you should contact a drug addiction specialist or a medical professional for help.

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Because K2/Spice is a new drug, it is not regulated and is often sold legally as herbal or liquid incense at head shops around the country. The problem is that there is no way to know that each batch of this drug is the same or stronger than the next. Furthermore, the exact ingredients in each batch of K2/Spice may be slightly different.

Signs of K2 use can be similar to signs of natural marijuana use. However, because K2/Spice is unregulated, these effects can be way more dangerous than natural weed, as the potency of K2/Spice is unknown per batch. Depending on the manufacturers, other ingredients besides synthetic cannabinoids may be included in each package of K2/Spice (e.g. flavoring compounds, etc.). K2/Spice physical symptoms can include:

Synthetic cannabinoids can be sprayed onto dried plant material so that people can smoke them, like natural marijuana, or vaporize and inhale them through devices like e-cigarettes. But what does it mean to abuse synthetic marijuana/Spice/K2? Someone might be abusing Spice if they start to experience withdrawal symptoms like severe anxiety, depression, irritability, and headaches.

Some Effect of K2 spray that will make you high

The long-term effects of extended use on humans are not fully understood, but experts report that the consequences of consuming synthetic marijuana can be potentially life-threatening.

It can be addictive and lead to withdrawal symptoms, such as cravings, nightmares, heavy sweating, nausea, tremors, headaches, extreme tiredness, insomnia, diarrhea, vomiting, difficulty thinking clearly, and neglect of other interests and responsibilities.

Prolonged consumption of the drug can cause forgetfulness and confusion in users. Some have reported experiencing paralysis.

Dangerous each batch is different and can cause an irregular heartbeat. Many heart attacks have been associated with the use of this drug. It also causes delirium and violent outbursts. The product is closer to LSD in terms of toxicity than it is to cannabis, making it 200 times more addictive. Hallucinations are common, and over the long-term users can experience pronounced memory loss and a condition of repeating the same things over and over. Do you need it?

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