how to make k2 paper

how to make k2 paper

To know how to make k2 paper is extremely important since the drug has been gaining so much popularity over the years. K2 synthetic cannabinoids are laboratory-developed compounds that imitate the psychogenic compounds found in natural cannabis. There are many synthetic cannabinoids (k2 liquids), all designed to attach to receptors in the brain and create the same feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and altered perception associated with regular cannabis use.

K2 is very easy to make if you have the right chemicals available. On this page, we would explore how K2 can be made by just anyone.

Getting The Chemicals Needed.

  • JWH-018 (1-pentyl-3- (1-naphthoyl)indole)
  • JWH-073 (1-butyl-3- (1-naphthoyl)indole)
  • JWH-200 (1-[2- (4- morpholinyl)ethyl]-3- (1-naphthoyl)indole)
  • HU-210; HU-211; CP-47,497 (5- (1,1- dimethylheptyl)-2-[(1R,3S)-3-hydroxycyclohexyl]-phenol cannabicyclohexanol; CP-47,497 C8 homologue (5- (1,1-dimethyloctyl)-2-[(1R,3S)-3-hydroxycyclohexyl]-phenol)

A combination of these chemicals can be used to make k2 liquid which will be then soaked on the paper. You have to know a certain level of organic chemistry to best understand the process.

An alternative is to find a company already making the k2 chemicals and just buy from them. It is important to find a reputable research chemical supply company when ordering synthetic cannabinoids and to take appropriate precautions when handling the chemicals.

There is plenty of companies out there that have a good mix already ready where you can just purchase the liquid from them and use it. This will save you the time required to carry out proper research

How to make k2 paper in steps

#step 1: It is essential that you wear the proper safety gear and are knowledgeable about what you are doing so that you don’t end up harming yourself or someone else by making the liquid too concentrated.

#step 2: Get an ordinary A4 paper or any type of paper you want to use to make the k2. It is worth noting that the paper should be thin. The reason why A4s work best for this process

#step 3: With cloves on pour the k2 liquid into a bowl and let it sit. Afterward, Dip the A4 in the bowl containing the k2 and take it out after a few seconds. This method is called soaking. Alternatively, You can just buy a k2 spray bottle from our shop and spray the paper with

#step 4: After soaking spraying it’s now time to let it dry. Use clips to suspend the paper and let it dry for an hour. You can also use an iron to make sure the paper goes back to its original state if you are trying to hide it.

and that’s all on how to make k2 paper . You can also order the k2 paper directly from our shop cheaply. Diablo k2 liquid is my favorite incense and does the job for me each time.

If you are a new consumer please read about the effects of k2 before proceeding with any decisions

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