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The duration of time that synthetic marijuana stays in your body is difficult to determine as each batch of the substance differs in ingredients. Additionally, individual factors play a role in how long the substance may remain in your system.

k2 Spice can be stored in your body’s fatty tissue, which means that the effects of the drug may still be detectable even after the drug has worn off. Additionally, K2 drug tests are becoming more common, which means that more people will be able to detect use of the drug. Your donation helps us to continue our work in developing better ways to detect and remove Spice from the body.

The detection time for K2 use varies depending on the type of drug test being used. For infrequent users, K2 can stay in the system for 24 hours. However, for chronic users, K2 can stay in the system for over a year. Other factors that affect K2 detection time include the person’s metabolism, body fat percentage, age, and more.

How K2 works in your system

The primary active ingredients in Spice are cannabinoid chemicals that are structurally similar to THC, the main psychoactive component of cannabis. These chemicals are called cannabicyclohexanol, CP-47,497, JWH-018, JWH-073, and JWH-200.

deciphering what is in Spice is not a simple task, as there are over 140 synthetic cannabinoids in existence. K2 is an unregulated concoction of these chemicals, which can oftentimes result in negative side effects.

Few studies have been conducted on how synthetic cannabinoids work, but what is known is that some of them bind more strongly to brain cell receptors than THC does. This can lead to stronger and more unpredictable side effects. Additionally, the chemical composition of K2 often changes from batch to batch, sometimes containing substances that amplify the drug’s side effects.

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